Corporate Finance

With over 75 years of experience, a wealth of knowledge and expertise on mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring, we are geared to guide our clients on complex corporate finance related issues , irrespective of the complexity and magnitude of the matter.

Below are the corporate finance related services we provide.

Corporate Restructuring

We are unique in our approach and ability to engage with clients and provide solutions to help companies that are struggling to survive, turn their business around and to become winners and ensure sustainability and future viability of the enterprise.

Due Diligence

Through our corporate due diligence services we assist our clients by providing them with timely business decision information relating to mergers and acquisitions.

Business Valuation

Our expertise in financial modelling and forecasting gives our clients an assurance that the information underlying the business valuation estimates are as accurate and reliable as possible. Moreover, our experience in business valuation gives an assurance that appropriate methods are used to reach accurate, reliable estimates of the market value of our clients’ business. Our business valuation estimates represent what business owners could reasonably expect the market prices of their businesses to be in a transaction.

Project Feasibility study and Project Reports

We are concerned with the evaluation of investment projects on behalf of clients. This evaluation is completed through the use of feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis studies. The provision of advice in relation to their subsequent implementation, if feasible, is carried out through the use of detailed business plans.

Management Consulting

Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities. Our functional experts have the necessary experience and expertise to understand a business and its needs to deliver tailor-made solutions that will enable our client to reach their wealth creation goals.