Tax Compliance and Consultancy

Tax regulations & other statutory obligations imposed by the government are becoming increasingly complex. Therefore, it has become important for companies and individuals to plan their tax strategy taking into account the government, laws, regulations and compliances.

We believe that managing your tax obligations responsibly and proactively can make a significant difference to your bottom line. Effective compliance and open, transparent reporting are the foundations of a successful tax function. Our tax professionals advise you and your business on the overall tax exposure and guide or work with you on dealing with the taxation matters.

Our Experts in tax are well-versed in the matter to advise you on how to minimize your tax liability through sound planning while ensuring the proper compliance with the local regulations and international laws. We also keep our clients updated on the current and proposed changes that will impact the business tax strategy.

Below are some of the key tax compliance and consultancy services we provide

  • Tax advisory services on complying the laws and regulation imposed by the Department of Inland Revenue.
  • Providing consultancy services on transfer pricing regulations in Sri Lanka.
  • Providing monthly compliance services such as handling VAT, SVAT, PAYE, NBT, Stamp Duty, Income Tax etc.
  • Carrying out tax reviews to identify gaps and providing solutions.
  • Assessing the income liability and computation of income tax; filing annual income tax returns with IRD; and advising the quarterly income tax payments and due dates.
  • Tax planning and structuring with a view to reduce the tax burden.
  • Advisory services on special tax issues.
  • Undertaking tax appeals on behalf of the client and representing the case in front of the  commissioner hearing, appeal commissions, etc.